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Complete Vocal Technique

Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) is a groundbreaking, innovative singing technique and pedagogical system for understanding how to use the human voice. The technique was developed by Cathrine Sadolin, one of the leading voice researchers in the world. It is based on the latest research in vocal technique and constantly updated, while the research is ongoing. CVT is highly useful for anyone interested in the voice, from beginners to professionals and is also recommended by singers, voice teachers, actors, speech therapists and ENT doctors internationally. The technique is very concrete and includes various tools that suit different learning types.

Why is the technique called COMPLETE?

CVT is aimed at singers of all genres and explains the voice in a simple and understandable way, based upon anatomy and physiology, to ensure that singers and extreme vocalists can create whatever vocal sound they like without damaging their voice. All sounds a human voice produces are valuable and covered in the technique. It´s the singers, who make the artistic choices they wish.


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CVT Overview

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