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I am a beginner and never ever had singing lessons in my life. Can you help me?

Beginners usually feel very safe with me since I really understand that singing is very personal and singing in front of a new teacher can be nerve-racking. Therefore my sole aim is to warmly welcome each singer and to create a safe environment for learning new and exciting techniques.

Which genres do you teach?

I teach all genres without limitations. My goal is to ensure that you reach your goals effectively. I also want to make sure that you know how to maintain the results.

Do you offer Group Lessons?

Not at the moment. There will be some Workshops for small groups coming in 2020. Sign up for the Newsletter to get the latest updates!

How can I book a lesson?

You can email, text or call me.

Do you offer Discounts?

Yes, I do. All my singers who buy more than 5 lessons will profit from a 5%-15% Discount. There will be always a discount for students and singers who are in apprenticeship.

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