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About lessons

Vocal Lessons are all about you and your ambitions. That´s why your agenda will be placed at the heart of each lesson.

Your goals

What are you aiming for? I believe that goals are important in helping us to achieve our dreams. They give us direction, clarity in our decision making and a clear focus on the important things. Goals help us to stay motivated as we work towards making our dreams a reality. VOCALS ROCK will help you to set these goals and focus on them.

Your Practice

Mastering any physical skill requires practice and practice is essential for your progress as a vocalist. That´s why I encourage you to record your vocal lessons, so you can work with the exercises at home. Effective practice is the key! It´s not necessarily about the number of hours you practice, but the quality and effectiveness of your practice. At the end of each lesson I´ll give you clear practice instructions to ensure you get the most out of your practice time.


• increasing vocal stamina
• increasing vocal strength
• finding your own voice
• increasing your vocal range
• singing with vocal effects
• controlling pitch & tone more accurately
• getting rid of uncontrolled constrictions
• increasing performing skills & expressing yourself
• career coaching & goal setting
• emergency aid & vocal health

As singing is a sensitive matter VOCALS ROCK offers a learning process that is safe and fun.

Solo Lessons 1:1

Voice Lessons in Person.
My studio is located in Copenhagen Vesterbro, just around the corner of Vesterbros Torv.
Public transport: Vesterport Station & Hovedbanegården (Central Station).



Online Lessons

Take Online Lessons with me and profit from my experience wherever you live. Online Lessons work a little differently than Solo Lessons 1:1 in my vocal studio, but they are just as effective for vocal training. Online Lessons will take place via Skype, Zoom or Facetime. All you need is a good internet connection and we are good to go.




Vocal habilitation lessons are designed to help the out-of-sync singer, extreme vocalist and speaker to find synergy once more, and to work in a way that realigns, builds and strengthens body, mind & voice. Vocal Habilitation lessons are available in person and online.




Do you need a vocal coach to prepare you for a show/tour?

What you can expect from show/tourprep with VOCALS ROCK:
• vocal exercises designed for your own vocal needs while being on tour
• effective training tools to solve your vocal issues & keep your voice in shape for the show/tour
• troubleshooting & emergency aid


Email me for details on Show/Tourprep prices.


Do you need a vocal coach to support and assist you in the studio?
Are you recording a new song, demo, EP or album?

In the studio, I will work with you on your technique to get the best possible vocal takes during your recording session.
I will give you guidance, support and troubleshoot vocal issues on the spot throughout your sessions.


Email me for details on Studioprep prices.

Workshop & Masterclasses

CVT Workshop -Foundation Level

Do you want to know more about Complete Vocal Technique and understand how the voice works? In this 1-day-workshop I will give you an introduction to CVT and a brief overview of the three basic principles, the four main singing modes, sound color and vocal effects. We will also have time for 20min 1:1 Solo Sessions with feedback. All singing styles are welcome. Group of 5-7 participants max.

Extreme Vocals Workshop

Do you want to learn more about rough vocal effects such as: Growl, Grunt, Distortion, Rattle and Scream?
In this Extreme Vocals Workshop Series we will focus on working with different vocal effects that can be created safely for singing styles such as Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Soul and R&B.


Email me for details & dates about Workshop & Masterclasses.

Emergency Aid & Vocal Health Advice

Vocal injury can happen to any singer, regardless of the singers ability and experience. The most common issue that singers are dealing with is hoarseness and there are many different reasons why singers experience it.


Most common reasons for hoarseness are:
• uncontrolled constrictions due to singing or speaking with incorrect technique
• stress /emotions
• inflammation due to smoking, infections, allergies, medications, acid reflux etc.
• structural changes in the vocal folds such as nodules, cysts, polyps etc.

Luckily, in most cases the hoarseness is caused due to uncontrolled constrictions, which can be released within a few hours via a customized Emergency Aid program VOCALS ROCK is offering.The program is about re-establishing the connection between voice and support and thereby releasing uncontrolled constriction, so the voice can work freely again.


If you experience hoarseness over a longer period or any of the following issues, get your voice checked by a specialist, don’t wait!!!

• your voice has become hoarse or raspy
• singing & speaking is more effortful
• you´ve lost a few notes of your vocal range
• you can´t sing quietly
• you feel tired after singing
• you feel pain while singing

Vocal health advice and Emergency Aid Lessons are focused on freeing the voice. How to use the voice in a way that produces the best possible sound and help to reverse and prevent vocal injury.


Email me to find out more details about Emergency Aid & Vocal Health Advice Prices.

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